David Onuma CFS BJJ

This fantastic and very popular form of self defence is a on which has its roots in Judo but was ‘modernised by the World famous GRACIE Family.

A grappling based art known for its ability to allow smaller and weaker persons to use skill and leverage to overcome their opponents and bring conflict to an end humanely.

It is also one of the most popular martial arts amongst men women and children.


David Onuma CFS JKD

This was the personal system and approach to martial arts of the late, great Master of martial arts Bruce Lee.

Containing Boxing-kickboxing-wing chun (trapping) & limited grappling at its core, perhaps what is so special about this system and why it has often been referred to as the ‘first mixed martial art’ was Bruce Lee’s belief that no one system held all the answers.

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless…add specifically what is your own”


David Onuma CFS FMA

The FMA are broad in styles and content but, the primary approach followed by Guro David is INOSANTO-LACOSTE system.

The FMA in its entirety can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Area 1 – Single stick/sword etc
  • Area 2 – Double stick/sword etc
  • Area 3 – Stick & Dagger/Long & short stick
  • Area 4 – Double Dagger/short stick
  • Area 5 – Single Dagger/short stick
  • Area 6 – Palm stick/Double end Dagger
  • Area 7 – Filipino Boxing/Panatukan – Filipino kicking/Panadiakan
  • Area 8 – Staff/Spear/2 handed method
  • Area 9 – Sarong/Belt/Whip/Rope
  • Area 10 – Hand throwing weapons
  • Area 11 – Projectile weapons
  • Area 12 – Healing/health skills & history


The CFS kickboxing program is unique and highly structured. The curriculum comprises of striking methods and techniques from Jun Fan Gung fu, Filipino Boxing, Muay Thai, Boxing and the Madjaphit martial arts. Covering all levels from beginner, to Black belt and beyond, the program is suitable for men, women, children. It is perfect for those who wish to teach, compete, learn self defence, or simply to get fit.


Headed by Founder & 2 X Light heavyweight shooto champion Sensei Erik Paulson, this system is for many mixed martial artists, the primary vehicle for Professional & amateur MMA, although in reality, it is much much more than that. It has it all: Punching-Kicking-Knees & Elbows-Wrestling & grappling.


A close range southern style of martial arts known for its ‘sticky hands’ and sensitivity training. Said to have been created by 5 masters who needed to created a style that could be learnt in a relatively short period of time as evidenced by its 3 empty hand forms, Wooden dummy training and only 2 weapons in its armoury.
Sigung Bruce Lee was perhaps the most well known exponent of this art.


Penchak Silat is a complete martial art incorporating elements of punching, kicking, throwing, grappling and weaponry.

Maphilindo Silat was co created by Guro Inosanto and the system was ultimately left on his hands to pass on.

The techniques were drawn from Silat systems found in Malaysia, the Philippines & Indonesia, hence the name Maphilindo (MA-PHIL-INDO).

It’s forte perhaps is the emphasis and training methods used to deal with multiple opponents.

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